Natsumi Ito
September 13. Born in Saitama

Natsumi Ito is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo.
She loves paper and the related thing.
She’s drawing with her various methods using paper, not just inspired by one expression.

Her work of art is inspired by ordinary days and focuses on emotions and imaginations embodied in life. They express the beauty of everyday life. In other words, it is like a visual diary of life.

【 Upcoming 】

New books “Seine Arbeit und Meine Wahl” Out to August.
* New PROJECT Out to coming soon.

【 Exhibitions 】
2016  Photo Exhibition Shiver, Tokyo
     Drawing Exhibition Museum exhibits, Tokyo
2018  Photo Exhibition WOMAN, Tokyo
     Installation Joint Exhibition HUONE, Tokyo
     Photo Exhibition WOMAN, Berlin

【 Events 】
2015  Bookmark of Schulz Editor in chief, Tokyo
2016  Secondary minerals, vacant Tokyo
2018  RyoKonishi & JacksonNiche with NatsumiIto, THE APARTMENT STORE Nagaoya

【 Publications 】
2014  The Pool, Signed and Self Published in Tokyo
2016  Little press, Lock and Mineral Numbered, Self Published in Tokyo
     Little press, Drawing Book Numbered, Self Published in Tokyo
2018  Shiver Numbered, Self Published in Tokyo
     A WOMAN, Self Published in Tokyo

【 Dealer and other things 】
Motto Berlin / Ti Pi Tin / Printed Matter / PETIT DICTIONNAIRE / shioribi

Plus81 Magazine / VOGUE Italia / Kolaj Magazine / gefühl kleverig /